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Their post driver VS The Propane Hammer

Posted by Tippmann Industrial on Jul 26th 2018

Buying a post driver does not have to be expensive. Some post drivers seem affordable and then you get to thinking, well if I buy this driver I will also need this and that and yada, yada, yada. It gets so pricey!! Here are some comparison breakdowns and how the propane hammer measures up:

If you buy a pneumatic post driver you will need an air compressor. The air compressor requires a trailer and it is tethered to the air compressor. Air compressors run from about $10,000-$80,000. You may already have one or maybe you can use it for other things but an air compressor just should not be needed for a post driver.

If you purchase a hydraulic post driver it would require a skid loader. The skid loader then requires fuel and then also the skid loader would need to be transported by truck. This increases the roadside footprint and is also tethered. All of this requires multiple people and extra money.

Gas powered post drivers are not too far off of what we offer. The gas post drivers have a few downsides. It is equipped with an engine to run on gas. This engine will require high maintenance and is fuel by gas which we all know is something that is not cost effective.

The propane hammer is in the same price point as all other post drivers. The extra piece that you have to purchase to operate our post driver is a standard tank of propane and depending on the post you are driving, an adapter. Propane tanks can be purchased at any hardware store as seen here:

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