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Roadside Footprint Breakdown

Posted by Tippmann Industrial on Jul 26th 2018

Working along the highway can dangerous, that is why the propane hammer is so unique. It was designed to drastically reduce the roadside footprint. This is so important! Decreasing the amount of time spent on the side of the highway or any roadside is such a huge win for these departments.

How exactly does our product differ from others and decrease the time spent on the side of the road? The propane hammer has essentially no set up time or tear down time. It is just driving time, which it does incredibly fast. There are no hoses or air compressors; this does not require a skid loader or truck to operate. The propane hammer only needs the adapter that fits your needs best and a tank of propane. Most other post drivers are twice the weight as the propane hammer and do require those extra components making the time on the road 4x as long.

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