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Propane Hammer HD edition

Propane Hammer HD edition

Posted by Tippmann Industrial on Jul 19th 2018

The Tippmann Propane Hammer HD edition is new and improved. Now made with a steel tube it is guaranteed to stay cooler longer and stay true to temperature. The steel tube is a perfect seal making it perform at optimal levels. 

Only a standard tank of propane required. No hoses, no air compressors, no skid loaders and no high maintenance due to a gas engine. With a press of a button the propane hammer will drive up to 75 t posts and 150 u channel posts off one a single tank of propane.

The hammer has a rechargeable battery and when fully charged it will operate for up to 24 working hours. The hammer is a one man operation weighing in at 52 lbs. It reduces the roadside footprint making sign installation very quick because of no set up required. The propane hammer can drive any post with our variety of adapters. Custom adapters are always available.

Ask about a dealer near you to see a demo. 1 year warranty available for parts and labor and it always comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.