Propane Hammer EFI: Self Contained, Propane Powered Sign Post Driver with Electronic Fuel Injection

The Propane Hammer E.F.I. ( with electronic fuel injection), by Tippmann is the world's first propane powered sign post driver. The Tippmann Propane Hammer is a 100% self contained sign post driver. Powered by a 14.9 propane tank, found in most hardware departments, and weighing only 43 lbs. This post driver is the most convenient, user-friendly way to drive posts that you could ever imagine. The Tippmann Propane Hammer Post Driver is NOT only limited to driving sign posts, it is also ideal for driving Channel Posts, Telespar Posts, Tposts, Chain link posts, Silt Fence, Angle iron, Etc. The Tippmann Propane Hammer is the perfect tool for all of your post driving needs, allowing you to drive posts into hard, dry, frozen, even rocky ground. Deliver up to 150 blows per minute with 700 lbs driving force.

One Tool, Countless applications. Click on the accessories link on the navigation to view our selection of adapters to fit your needs

What type of post are you going to drive? The Propane Hammer Sign Post Driver can drive up to a 4 lb per ft. sign post and other large posts with an adapter. The stock Propane Hammer Sign Post Driver is set up to drive posts up to 1 5/8" diameter. You can quickly ENLARGE the opening to accommodate up to 2 5/8" by removing the Ram Insert. If the outside diameter of your post, stake, rod etc. is larger than 2 5/8", you will need an adapter. We offer the following adapters HERE. We can also custom create an adapter to meet your special requirements. If you don't see the type of post you drive, please download the Adapter Order Form, HERE, fill it out and fax or email a scanned copy to us and we will make it right away. Most custom adapters are $250 each.

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